A hungry blog??

This blog feeds!!! Or at least it allows you to do so. You can use any of the feeds below to follow my blog for new posts. I highly suggest using the SSL feeds, and I encourage everyone strongly to use the Atom over the RSS 2.0 legacy feed. Atom provides related post information and has citations for anyone I may wish to credit in a post. This information cannot be generated for RSS feeds.

I have provided both SSL and plain HTTP urls depending on feed reader compatibility. If your reader does not support SSL/HTTPS perhaps it’s time to find an alternative?

Every effort possible has been made to ensure that these feeds are specification compliant. If your feed reader has any issues please let me know.

Note about feed announcing

My website currently does NOT announce the presence of feeds. I will do that later this week. Which means manual clicking.

Note for Chrome Users

The Chrome development team sees no need in providing native functionality for a feature not used by the majority of the population, so if you wish to subscribe to feeds in Chrome you will have to use the official Google RSS extension. Just install the plugin and click a feed link below.


Valid Atom 1.0 Valid RSS 2.0

Safe and Secure SSL

Insecure HTTP feeds for bad feed readers