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Unit testing in Python 3 10 Mar 2016 uni programming python unit testing

Unit testing

Unit testing is the process by which a program tests itself or another program by running small units of code and checking the output against an expected result. In the context of Python, these ‘units of code’ might be a single method or function.

A single test might run 1 function with known arguments and compare the returned result against what is to be expected. During development of a program you would typically document rules or contracts that describe what each function/method/unit should or shouldn’t do. It’s from this that your unit tests are derived.

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Atom and RSS feeds 23 Feb 2016 dev rss atom

What’s a feed?

A web feed is a way to keep up to date with a constantly changing website. Used by weblogs/blogs, news sites and publishers across the net it allows visitors to stay up to date with new content without the hassle of frequently visiting the site to check if it has changed. You save time and you stay informed.

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First day of Uni 22 Feb 2016 uni personal

Today I started my first year at University. I had previously studied a Software Development Diploma at Computer Power Plus in New Zealand and have been working for Computer Power Plus as a Tutor and IT Administrator for the past couple years, but at a point near 11 months ago I decided that Uni is the thing I wanted to do next.

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Blog tags 21 Feb 2016 dev jekyll


I now have experimental tags working on this blog. You can view the tag listing here and the tags are also displayed on posts and index pages. Clicking them links to an anchor on the tag page which is dynamically generated.

Credit has to go to @codinfox. Related post here. This post had a nice snippet of simplifying tags and categories and I’ve taken from it almost verbatim at this stage. As I become more familiar with the Liquid template engine my code will likely diverge to suit my own needs but having a leg up on the internet is always a pleasure

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Hello 2016 19 Feb 2016 uni work personal


Today was my orientation day at Uni! I’m studying Computer Science at the University of Canterbury and the welcoming thing was sweet! Got to meet a whole lot of people, mostly lecturers and coordinators and help staff, not yet found people doing the same things as me but I hope the best for Monday in that regard.

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