22 Feb 2016 uni personal

Today I started my first year at University. I had previously studied a Software Development Diploma at Computer Power Plus in New Zealand and have been working for Computer Power Plus as a Tutor and IT Administrator for the past couple years, but at a point near 11 months ago I decided that Uni is the thing I wanted to do next.

First day

So here I begin. It has felt like a long day but all things have been enjoyable. The 9am start wasn’t too punishing in comparison to my usual 10am starts at work on a Monday. The loss of an extra hour was more-so offset by the lack of sleep gained from the anxiety. I don’t typically get butterflies or emotional over things, but I was a little nervous that something would go horribly wrong such as forgetting to tick a box somewhere and not actually be enrolled to study. Fortunately nothing like that occurred and everything went rather smoothly

My day started with Physics, which was a very introductory introduction, with more information about Health & Safety than actual lecture material. That pattern continued through most of the day with the first 20 minutes of every lecture filled with preface about how not to burn in an evacuation and the names of the people you should listen to for the next year

Following on was Math and then Computer Science stuff. I’ve been out of High School for a good 5~6 years now and it’s interesting to see how much stuff comes back out of nowhere, things you were not aware you knew; and how some very simple concepts you thought you should have known significantly earlier in your life never came to be actually known. If there is any subject I’m going to struggle with this year, it will be Math. Solving those sort of problems is not something I spent my days doing when you’re proficient with a search engine, there is enough search engines to solve just about any problem. That is until you don’t have internet access during a test.

Blog direction?

After talking with some fellow friends I’m at a deciding point on where to take this blog. I have considered constantly throughout the day on implementing categories or making tags more useful so that users can reach the content they care about and digest that as fast as possible without being confronted with posts that do not appeal to them.

So far the census seems to be, stick with tags instead of categories (Which is great because it makes perma-linking easier when I don’t have a bunch of alias URLs) and keep an even balance of all types of content. Which means just as much technical stuff as personal stuff.

I think that summary is something I can achieve. So I’m going to be sticking with tags for now, and I’ll make another post later in the week about implementing a logarithmic tag cloud for just that purpose.

I also have every intention to do tutorials or help posts in the future. Correct organisation of posts will become important when the content count increases. It’s possible that tutorials I might wish to file under categories and leave my blog “logbook” unstructured with tags. I’ll be looking at other blogs to see what works for other people and writing a post in the future with the things I’ve decided.

That’s all for my update for now. Please drop me a comment if you’ve any suggestions about my blog layout or content writing style. Any suggestions or critiques about anything are typically welcome. There isn’t much point making content without an audience, so it’s only sensible to listen to that audience and bend the content to their will.

- Josh Lloyd