21 Feb 2016 dev jekyll


I now have experimental tags working on this blog. You can view the tag listing here and the tags are also displayed on posts and index pages. Clicking them links to an anchor on the tag page which is dynamically generated.

Credit has to go to @codinfox. Related post here. This post had a nice snippet of simplifying tags and categories and I’ve taken from it almost verbatim at this stage. As I become more familiar with the Liquid template engine my code will likely diverge to suit my own needs but having a leg up on the internet is always a pleasure


The post linked above also mentioned categories, although not that different from tags it’s something I’ll consider in the future. Having some kind of major tag that allows me to break posts in to sections such as programming, blog, personal etc might be a nice addition. Although tags will suffice fine in the meantime.


One day in the future I expect to have enough posts that it spans many pages, so I’m going to need some archiving system for navigating years and months. I will look in to implementing this in the next week or so.


I’m in a habit of signing off the posts on my blog. I think I’m going to have to add that to the template. Done!

- Josh Lloyd