19 Feb 2016 uni work personal


Today was my orientation day at Uni! I’m studying Computer Science at the University of Canterbury and the welcoming thing was sweet! Got to meet a whole lot of people, mostly lecturers and coordinators and help staff, not yet found people doing the same things as me but I hope the best for Monday in that regard.

My subjects besides Computer Science are Math (Algebra and Calculus), Physics and Statistics.

Numbers everywhere

Statistics was a last minute add, if I want to do cryptography in 2 years I need Stats as a prerequisite. I was not aware of this and didn’t initially add it. Fortunately I spoke to a course coordinator and they discovered the missing course and fixed it up for me.


I expect to still be working during study for the next few years. My current job is an IT instructor. I teach programming, PC hardware and Networking. We cover certs like Network+, CCNA, Cisco Wireless, Linux+, Windows Technician certs, Redhat Linux, Windows Server Infrastructure, Exchange server, Project+ and a whole lot more!

I’ve changed from working fulltime to part-time/casual. I don’t know what my minimum hours are but I’ll find that out on Monday!


Last but certainly not least is this blog, it now exists. It is hosted by Github Pages, a static website hosting service for users and projects on Github. It’s entirely free also.

The posts are written in Markdown and processed by the static blogging engine, Jekyll. Jekyll has a small pre-processor in it called Liquid which allows for iterating data such as my posts. It’s effectively a blogging engine without any databases and instead builds your site in to static content every time I commit a change.

You can see the sourcecode for my blog here: nevercast.github.io

Jekyll is not revealed here as that is run by Github servers in the background.

Read about Jekyll and Github Pages.

This ends my first post. I’ll continue to post to the blog and the website layout is very likely to change in time. I expect to have more pages in the coming months and will be adding features to the blog such as tags and categories.


- Josh Lloyd